Energy Audit

At Mercedes Electric Supply we strive to employ environmentally sustainable business practices by considering the impact of the products that we use and of our facilities operations.

Going green obviously helps the environment yet it will also boost your company image and generate tremendous savings. We would like to help your company in future projects to build or retrofit with longer lasting products that use less energy, water, resources, etc.

In order to support the green movement the US Green Building Council (USGBC) created the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. This is the standard by which sustainable buildings are evaluated and graded. Mercedes Electric Supply understands that the process of achieving this sought after certification is complex, therefore we offer a LEED Accredited Professional Applications Engineer on Staff available for consulting and auditing services.

Green Products that we carry include:

Energy efficient lighting
• CFLs and T5 for interior lighting
• LEDs for signage and building accents

Building control and automation
• A/C usage scheduling and control
• Lighting control
• Power monitoring

Variable Frequency Drives
• Optimize A/C energy usage via fan speed adjustment

Materials and design of renewable energy systems
• Photovoltaic / Solar Panels
• Wind Turbines
• Hydroelectric Turbines
• Mounting hardware
• Batteries and charger modules

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